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10 Most Read News Articles
Former Project Manager Sentenced to Serve Time in Prison for Role in Bid Rigging and Other Fraudulent Schemes Involving Two EPA Superfund Sites in New Jersey
SEC Granted Summary Judgment in Insider Trading Case Against John Kinnucan and His Expert Consulting Firm
Civil Remedies
United States Announces $5.15 Billion Settlement of Litigation Against Subsidiaries of Anadarko Petroleum Corp. to Remedy Fraudulent Conveyance Designed to Evade Environmental Liabilities
Civil Remedies
First Ever Extradition on Antitrust Charge
Hewlett-Packard Russia Agrees to Plead Guilty to Foreign Bribery
Owner of Tax Return Preparation Franchise and Health Provider Business Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud, Healthcare Fraud and Money Laundering
Criminal Justice
U.S. Forest Service Finalizes Policy to Promote Year-Round Recreation on Ski Areas
HUD And City of Dubuque, Iowa Settle Allegations
Civil Rights
CEO and Managing Partner of Wall Street Broker-Dealer Charged with Massive International Bribery Scheme
Bridgestone Corp. Executive Agrees to Plead Guilty for Fixing Prices and Rigging Bids on Auto Parts Installed in U.S. Cars



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