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Joseph v Allen
Constitutional Law
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Constitutional Law
Freeman v Town of Hudson
Constitutional Law
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Constitutional Law
Stitts v Wilson
Constitutional Law
Rodriguez v Robbins
Constitutional Law
Wige v City of Los Angeles
Constitutional Law
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Constitutional Law
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Constitutional Law
Makaeff v Trump University, LLC
Constitutional Law

  • Harper v Fulton County, Illinois
    Case No. 13-2553 (C.A. 7, Apr. 8, 2014)
    After the Fulton County Board voted not to raise the salary of the County Treasurer, Victoria Harper, she filed a 1983 action against the County for sex discrimination. The County moved for summary judgment. After considering Harper s sex discrimination claim under both the direct and indirect ...   MORE>>

  • Doe v Wooten
    Case No. 13-10280 (C.A. 11, Apr. 8, 2014)
    The Supreme Court has reminded us: It is no small matter to deprive a litigant of the rewards of its efforts, particularly in a case that has been litigated up to this Court and back down again. Such action on grounds of mootness would be justified only if it were absolutely clear that the litig...   MORE>>

  • Gennusa v Canova
    Case No. 12-13871 (C.A. 11, Apr. 8, 2014)
    While investigating an alleged misdemeanor violation of a domestic violence injunction, Detective Thomas Marmo and Sergeant Brian Canova monitored, intercepted, and listened to privileged conversations between their suspect, Joel Studivant, and his attorney, Anne Marie Gennusa, who were in an interv...   MORE>>

  • U.S. v Kamahele
    Case No. 12-4003 (C.A. 10, Apr. 8, 2014)
    Mr. Eric Kamahele, Mr. Daniel Maumau, Mr. Kepa Maumau, Mr. Sitamipa Toki, and Mr. Mataika Tuai appeal their convictions arising from armed robberies and shootings in connection with the Tongan Crips Gang ( TCG ) in Glendale, Utah. In a jury trial, Mr. Kamahele, Mr. Kepa Maumau, and Mr. Tuai were...   MORE>>

  • Liberty Coins, LLC v Goodman
    Case No. 13-3012 (C.A. 6, Apr. 8, 2014)
    Defendants, David Goodman, Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce, and Amanda McCartney, Consumer Finance Attorney of the Division of Financial Institutions, Ohio Department of Commerce, are charged with enforcement of the Ohio Precious Metals Dealers Act ( PMDA ), Ohio Revised Code 4728...   MORE>>

  • U.S. v Pulliam
    Case No. 13-1026 (C.A. 10, Apr. 8, 2014)
    Keith Scott Pulliam was indicted on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and being an armed career criminal. He moved to suppress the fruits several firearms of a search of his home. Pertinent to this appeal, he claimed the application for the search warrant, issued by a state cou...   MORE>>

  • Ladd v Stephens
    Case No. 13-70011 (C.A. 5, Apr. 8, 2014)
    A Texas jury convicted Robert Ladd of capital murder and sentenced him to death for the rape and murder of Vicki Ann Garner. Ladd sought habeas relief in federal district court, claiming that he is mentally retarded and therefore categorically ineligible for the death penalty under Atkins v. Virgini...   MORE>>

  • Whiteside v U.S.
    Case No. 13-7152 (C.A. 4, Apr. 8, 2014)
    This case presents the question of whether a federal inmate may use a 28 U.S.C. 2255 motion to challenge a sentence that was based on the career offender enhancement under the United States Sentencing Guidelines when subsequent case law reveals the enhancement to be inapplicable to him. We find t...   MORE>>

  • Schoenefeld v State of New York, New York Supreme Court
    Case No. 11-4283-cv (C.A. 2, Apr. 8, 2014)
    On appeal from a judgment of the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York (Lawrence E. Kahn, J.), entered on September 7, 2011, granting summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff-Appellee, declaring New York Judiciary Law 470 unconstitutional as violative of the Privileges ...   MORE>>

  • Sells v Livingston
    Case No. 14-70014 (C.A. 5, Apr. 7, 2014)
    The district court on April 2, 2014, enjoined the State of Texas from executing Tommy Lynn Sells or Ramiro Hernandez. The State appealed. Another panel of this court reversed the injunction as to Sells. As to Hernandez, we REVERSE the district court s order and GRANT the motion to vacate the stay ...   MORE>>



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